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What God believed by our ancestors?

I have a question for the article on “faith in God, transmitted by the ancestors”. I would like to clarify which ancestors are meant. My mom and dad, for example, were educated in the Soviet Union, the continuation of which now want to declare the Russian Federation, and in any …

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Why do people in the USSR believed Kashpirovsky

Exactly 30 years ago, on 9 October 1989 in the USSR was the first Telesens Kashpirovsky, which was very unusual and significant phenomenon on Soviet television , and made history with the famous phrase Kashpirovsky “I give the installation”. The program was really very unusual — informed on Soviet TV, …

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The first humans appeared earlier than believed

Scientists have refined the Dating of the first people. An international group of researchers estimate that the first modern humans appeared more than 300 thousand years ago. To such conclusion scientists have analyzed DNA from the bones of the inhabitants of southern Africa. According to the DNA tests, the Homo …

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