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WATCH Putin lands in Beijing for talks with Xi

Russian President Vladimir Putin was welcomed with an honor guard after his plane touched down in Beijing, marking his first foreign trip after he was recently sworn in for his fifth term. The two-day visit just ten days after the Russian leader’s inauguration is intended to underscore the importance of …

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Beijing decries ‘biggest threat’ label

The G7 countries will not be able to trick the world into believing that Beijing is undermining global stability, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday. In a series of posts on Twitter, Hua blasted such a stance, writing: “Some G7 members called China ‘the biggest threat to …

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Beijing names US-sanctioned general as new defense minister

China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) appointed General Li Shangfu, who has been sanctioned by the US for dealings with Russia, as the country’s new defense minister on Sunday. In 2018, the US blacklisted Li as the then-head of the Equipment Development Department for “significant transactions” involving the transfer of Su-35 …

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Taiwan threatens Beijing with ‘counterattack’

Taiwan has vowed to launch a forceful “counterattack” and “destroy enemy forces” in the event of an incursion by Chinese forces, as tensions continue to soar between Beijing and Taipei following a high-level visit by US officials to the island.  Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Taiwanese military officials outlined alleged …

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Beijing slams ‘dangerous’ NATO claims

NATO’s claims that cooperation between Beijing and Moscow in the Arctic represents a ‘challenge’ signals that the alliance is still dwelling in the Cold War, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Wednesday. “NATO falsely claimed that China-Russia cooperation poses a challenge to NATO’s values and interests, which once again …

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Taiwan accuses Beijing of air and sea blockade

Taiwan’s defense officials have accused Beijing of seeking to “invade” the island’s territorial waters and airspace, after China announced a series of “targeted military operations” in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. Military officials in Taipei claimed on Wednesday that several exclusion zones around the island, where China …

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Beijing BotAioT создает блокчейн-платформу для дорожно-транспортных данных

Beijing BotAioT создает систему для шифрования данных, поступающих с помощью оборудования для онлайн-измерений и калибровочных испытаний транспортных средств. Платформа блокчейна BotAiot призвана не только оказывать услуги хранения данных, но и помочь принимать решения по управлению, разработке интеллектуальных контрактов, выпуску сертификатов. В сочетании с технологиями искусственного интеллекта сервисная система BotAiot сможет автоматически идентифицировать, маркировать …

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US and Australia spreading fake news – Beijing

Beijing has dismissed as “fake news” allegations made earlier by Canberra and Washington that China is intending to set up a military base in the Solomon Islands. At a press conference on Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, insisted that the “so-called Chinese military base in the Solomon …

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