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The doctors explained what threat a TV in the bedroom

Announced the results of the study. Scientists from Loughborough University came to the conclusion that children with televisions in their bedrooms are more likely to avoid fruits and vegetables, preferring the harmful high-calorie snacks. Two-thirds of the young people surveyed reported that they did not eat sufficient quantities of fresh …

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Unusual bed that will transform any bedroom. Photo

Amazing bed in a modern style.Each bedroom key part is the bed. This piece of furniture needs to be comfortable and qualitative, but do not forget about the aesthetic component. A number of stunning beds that will not only make the interior incredibly stylish, but will also force the owners …

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Inspiring design ideas tiny bedroom. Photo

Small bedroom – a huge problem for its owners. In most buildings of the past decades this room took only 10 meters. Therefore, the right to build such a tiny space is difficult. But it is possible! If competently approach to the selection of colors, textures, furniture and the correct …

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Fill the bedroom scents: essential oils for insomnia

Aromatherapy is a pleasant and safe ways to restore healthy sleep. Not only warm teas with fragrant herbs have soothing properties. Essential oils will also help you fall asleep faster. Try using the following essential oils and you will regain your restful sleep. Sage essential oilThis oil has a scent …

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7 most harmful things in the bedroom

The bedroom is just a bed, but how much is good sleep depends not only on the provided bed. Sleep is very important for rest, for happiness, for inner peace, physical and mental health. The space in which you sleep should appease, to soothe, to lull, not to remind about …

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