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Three effective recipe for cough on the basis of bananas

It turns out that bananas can replace the syrups and cough drops. Bananas are very healthy fruits. Their properties should not be underestimated, because the effects on the human body is quite wide, and all because bananas contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements. Few people know that bananas …

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In Ukraine is rapidly becoming more expensive bananas

To raise prices the sellers fails due to the significant increase in demand for bananas.Despite the seasonal increase in the supply of banana in Ukraine, sellers could raise prices for these products.According to the project for a week the fruit on the Ukrainian market rose by an average of 11%. …

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The doctors suggested how to choose bananas and citrus

Ripe bananas it is advisable to eat for a couple of daysBananas and citrus Ukrainians consume year-round but especially their popularity increases by the end of autumn, when the season comes cold and flu, and seasonal, local vegetables and fruits are left. “Bananas are very useful and valuable fruit, which …

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In Ukraine can start to grow bananas.

On the territory of Ukraine in the near future may appear bananas. Further global warming will lead to climate changes on the territory of Ukraine, which will allow for growing crops typical of the Mediterranean, such as bananas or pomegranates. This was told by Svetlana Krakow, climatologist, senior researcher of …

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Doctors told can I eat bananas with black dots

When choosing bananas, pay attention to the integrity of the fruit. Despite its tropical origin, the banana has become one of the most favorite fruit of people in our country. Many do not like bananas with black spots, others on the contrary – I consider them the most delicious and …

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