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Unreal funny situations on the road involving avtoledi

Eternal subject for jokes. “The girl behind the wheel is like a monkey with …” Usually on such a comparison offended all the ladies motorists. Indeed, among them are virtuosos of their craft. But looking at today’s collection, it is impossible not to agree that the truth in the expression …

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In Kiev avtoledi completely blocked the sidewalk

The woman was fined. Incorrectly parked car, the citizens had to go around turns. The owner of the Honda had parked his car right on the sidewalk Big Zhitomir. The car blocked the passage for pedestrians, and people had to jump over the steps of the building, to work around …

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A curious situation, which could get only avtoledi

Eternal subject for jokes. Even in modern society, there is an incredible amount of stereotypes and prejudices, exclusion is not a gender issue. On the other hand, such biases would definitely grow out some small everyday situations. About them, actually, and the new review.

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“Queen Park” in Kyiv avtoledi paralyzed movement

A grief-the driver blocked traffic for two hours.In Kiev at the hem incorrectly parked car has blocked traffic for two hours. The woman left on the street Hlybochytska in the lane for public transport red Chevrolet and about two dozen trams and hundreds of cars could not pass. The woman …

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In Kiev drunk avtoledi made a large-scale accident

The drunk girl behind the wheel smashed three cars.In Kiev on the street Kudryashova (Solomenskiy district) an accident. Drunk female driver with the same passenger was smashed three cars and wanted to hide. Three of the patrol car blocked the traffic. Drunk passenger first, he slammed his door, and then …

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Avtoledi ransacked in the Parking lot in Russia. Video

The incident occurred in the Parking lot in Chelyabinsk.A surveillance camera filmed the desperate attempts of a resident of the Russian Chelyabinsk to cope with the car at which wheel it was. First, the motorist handed back, crashing into a parked car, then suddenly pressed on the gas pedal and …

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