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Opposition attacks Italian PM over Russian pranksters call

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has let her nation down by getting tricked into discussing matters of national security by a pair of Russian pranksters, politicians from opposition parties have claimed. Giuseppe Conte of the Five Star Movement, who held the Italian premiership from 2018 to 2021, has branded the …

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Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow and Crimea foiled – MOD

Two unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed en route to Moscow in the early hours of Sunday, while at least half a dozen attempted to strike various targets in the Crimean Peninsula, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.  “The air defense repelled a drone attack on Moscow over the Istra district …

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Ukraine attacks Russian military airfield – MOD

A military air base in Western Russia came under attack from an explosives-laden drone on Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry has reported. Military officials added that while the attack was thwarted, one aircraft still sustained damage. In its statement, the ministry detailed that the incursion took place at about 10am …

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UN condemns Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ office has condemned a series of drone attacks on Moscow and called for an end to “any and all attacks on civilian facilities.” Russia has blamed the “terrorist strikes” on Ukraine, and Kiev has heavily suggested that it was responsible. “We are against any and …

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Zelensky plotted attacks deep inside Russia – WaPo

Despite public assurance that he would limit military action to his own country’s 1991 borders, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky formed plans to conduct attacks deep inside Russia and suggested that Kiev “destroy” the industry of Hungary, the Washington Post reported on Saturday, citing leaked Pentagon documents. Citing US intelligence reports …

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Ukrainian drone attacks Russian oil refinery – media

An oil refinery caught fire in Krasnodar Region in southern Russia on Friday morning, emergency officials have said. Baza news outlet reported that the blaze broke out after the facility was struck by a Ukrainian drone. Baza posted a video of black smoke coming from the Ilsky Oil Refinery. According …

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Putin accuses NATO of direct involvement in attacks on Russia

NATO helped Ukraine conduct drone attacks on Russian airfields that house long-distance nuclear-capable bombers, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. He made the statement during the annual address to the Federal Assembly, which comprises both chambers of the country’s parliament, as well as to senior Russian officials. “We know that …

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Ukraine stepping up terror attacks – Moscow

The number of terrorist incursions by Ukrainian special services and nationalist formations, targeting key Russian civilian and military infrastructure as well as government bodies, has significantly increased over the course of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, said Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov on Tuesday. Speaking at a meeting …

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Civilian death toll from Ukrainian attacks on Donbass revealed 

Weapons supplied to Ukraine by NATO countries have allowed Kiev’s military to significantly ramp-up attacks on civilian targets in Donbass, a local watchdog has said. The group claims that over 4,500 civilians have been killed and 4,000 injured since Ukrainian forces escalated shelling in mid-February.   “Military terror has escalated beyond …

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