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Ashes and ruins. What remained after the Soviet Union

In 1991 broke up the USSR, and the beginning of the nineties was a transitional period from the Soviet system to normal economic relations. My feeling is the period of transition lasted until the late nineties, and in the time it surfaced all the problems that scoop were suppressed. You …

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Dangerous volcano spewed a column of ashes. Video

The volcano intensified on June 28. The volcano Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali threw a column of ash to a height of two kilometers. According to the publication, the emission of lava and ash was recorded on Monday, July 2, 2018. The volcano spewed ash that reached …

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In one of the Russian cities burned to ashes, the main tree

The incident occurred on Sakhalin. The tree burned in the middle of the festive program. On Lenin square in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia, Sakhalin island) burned down the main tree. According to eyewitnesses, an artificial tree was burned to the ground. The reason is called sloppy put fireworks. Also read: Shooting people …

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In Israel discovered the ashes of a Roman legionary

The remains of the legionary were buried in a cooking pot.Archaeologists during excavations of ancient Roman camp in the North of Israel found stone buildings and a few artifacts. In addition, the researchers found man-made cave in which were the cremated ashes of a man, presumably a soldier. In II-III …

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North Korea threatens to turn the American continent into ashes

North Korea has declared that the USA do bring the day of their continent to ash.North Korea condemned the simulation of interception of U.S. Intercontinental ballistic missiles and claimed that the United States is unable to intercept a massive nuclear attack. This was stated by the representative of the Strategic …

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Image Khodchenkova in Cannes scarified in down and ashes

Svetlana Khodchenkova appeared on the show the 70-th Cannes film festival along with other international celebrities. The outfit of the blonde made a lasting impression with the public and fashion critics – and not all hit the spot. Khodchenkova arrived in Cannes as the Ambassador of the famous cosmetic brand. …

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