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In one of schools of the Argentine cast out demons. Video

Local residents and parents of students are confident that the children were possessed by demons.In the Argentine town of Santiago de Salavin was a normal lesson, but suddenly the eleven disciples fell to the floor and began to convulse. It is much scared the whole school, the Director immediately called …

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In the area of the disappearance of the Argentine submarine explosion

On Board submarines are the 44-person crew. In the area of the disappearance of the Argentine submarine “San Juan” explosion. It on a press-conferences were reported by the representative of the Navy of Argentina Enrique Balba. “Information was received that there was an anomalous, solitary, short, powerful phenomenon the non-nuclear …

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Missing Argentine submarine will be looking for along with NASA

Earlier, the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri agreed to accept international assistanceSearch for missing Argentine submarine San Juan, on Board of which there is 44 people, to help research aircraft, NASA P-3 Orion that is used for research in Antarctica. It is equipped with a magnetometer, infra-red cameras, sensors for …

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The famous Argentine footballer ended his career

Former Argentina midfielder Esteban Cambiasso put an end to the career of a professional footballer. The last club in the career of Cambiasso were the last team in the summer of 37-year-old midfielder became a free agent and began to look for a new option to continue a career. In …

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