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The nutritionist suggested, what foods relieve anxiety and stress

The experts suggested what products to properly “seize” the stress. The nervous strain experienced by many people, but not everyone knows how to deal with it. For most, stress is the cause of obesity, because they are fighting with them with high-calorie food and alcoholic beverages. Nutritionists strongly against this …

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Renowned psychologist told how to get rid of anxiety

This method will help you worry less about the incident. Anxious people are confident that the world is full of threats, they often think that there are some detractors and can never relax. This was reported by the psychologist Ekaterina Melnikova. “The first thing that you can do yourself to …

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Psychologists have suggested how to relieve anxiety

How to quickly pull myself together. Many know the feeling of anxiety may panic, quickens the heartbeat. I want to pull myself together and calm down. But the more we ignore fear, the more it captures us. Psychologists have developed recommendations that will help you to see the excitement on …

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These foods cause nervousness and anxiety

Experts have noticed that different foods have different effects on mood and emotions, because at the first sign of nervousness and anxiety should reconsider your diet. Different foods have different effects on mood and emotions. For those who want to become more quiet and relaxed, should eliminate from the diet …

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Psychologists have called the main causes of anxiety

If you experience unexplained anxiety, pay attention to their physical activity and nutrition. Reasonable worries and concerns – it is normal for each person. But if the anxiety appears from nowhere, without apparent reason, there is reason to pay attention to their health. What processes in the body can cause …

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How to cope without pills with stress and anxiety

Save yourself from this anxiety. Suffer from anxiety and worry? Upset personal life/health/financial situation/work/with family (underline)? Your heart beats faster, breathing becomes shallow and short, and the thoughts slowed down? If you are not ready to control my anxiety with medication, you can try to use natural remedies to help …

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