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Andrey Sushentsov: Ukraine could be just the starting point of a bigger crisis

Why do Russian-Ukrainian relations concern every Russian and Ukrainian? To some extent, what is happening is a delayed civil war, which could have happened in the early 1990s with the collapse of the USSR, when the first generation of Russian and Ukrainian leaders boasted that they had avoided a bloody divorce like the one in Yugoslavia. In Russia, every other person …

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Andrey Danilko has stunned fans with a Frank recognition

Danilko called favorite childhood game.The judge of the vocal show “X-factor” Andrey Danilko admitted that in his childhood favorite game for it was the funeral of the rats. About Andrei Danilko said in an interview for the release of the film “the Judge. Unknown facts”, Recalling his childhood. “If you …

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Andrey Danilko has complained to health

Danilko not feeling well. Popular Ukrainian actor, singer and showman Andrey Danilko, known under the stage name Verka Serduchka complained of health problems. So, Danilko, describing his work in the “X-factor”, noted that it would be hard to schedule filming. “I agreed, though shooting is hard: you arrive in the …

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