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Russian gas embargo would dent Italy’s GDP – analysis

An embargo on Russian gas could lead to a serious shortage of fuel crucial for Italy’s industrial and service sectors, according to a study published on Saturday by the association of Italian industrialists Confindustria. “A possible blocking of natural gas imports from Russia, Italy’s main supplier in recent years, could …

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Damning analysis discovers US tap water is a ‘cocktail of chemicals’

The worrying state of American tap water was highlighted in recent analysis by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that has maintained a database of drinking-water contaminants across the country since 2014. Hazardous chemicals, including pesticides and radioactive materials, are “often found in drinking …

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US uses humanitarian aid for ‘sinister political purposes,’ says analysis published by North Korean Foreign Ministry

The analysis, penned by Kang Hyon Chol as a senior researcher at the ministry-affiliated Association for the Promotion of International Economic and Technological Exchange, provides examples from US dealings with Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and countries in the Middle East to argue that Washington uses “humanitarian” aid to carry out a …

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Trust in BTC experts about technical analysis in crypto trading

Anna Voychek, a leading analyst at the Trust in BTC international fund (trust-in-btc.com), voiced a problem that, for sure, every participant of the cryptocurrency market was faced. Trust in BTC customers who already have experience working with traditional assets often wonder how technical analysis is applicable to the cryptocurrency market. …

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Pandemic – analysis of the conspiracy

I will talk to you about all your considerations. Think about what to do to destroy the maximum number of people in the cities, immediately suggests the use of nuclear weapons. I studied the information on the susceptibility of the radius and the number of potential victims with the use …

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