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Amnesty says US vows not to torture Assange ‘aren’t worth paper they’re written on’ due to Washington’s dismal human rights record

During the second day of Washington’s appeal in London’s High Court to extradite Assange, Crowther warned that the assurances made by lawyers representing the US should not be trusted, pointing out that the country has a problem with respecting basic human rights. Noting that Amnesty International considers prolonged solitary confinement …

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‘You don’t have to worry’: Amnesty reveals it snubs inconvenient media and rights issues in prank call with ‘Navalny ally’

During a zoom call, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Julie Verhaar, Eastern Europe and Central Asia director Marie Struthers and her deputy Denis Krivosheev bent over backwards to assure ‘Leonid Volkov’ that the organization was still backing Navalny, even though it revoked his “prisoner of conscience” status over previous remarks that …

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