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Alien creature on a new poster of the film “skyline 2”

Before the premiere of the film, Liam O’donnell “skyline 2” (Beyond the Skyline) is still one month. Soon the alien light will begin to absorb the earthlings and their money from the box office of the cinemas. In 2010, Colin Strauss and Greg Strauss released the original “skyline”, which gathered …

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4 secret from the movie “Alien: Covenant”

Space horror “Alien: Testament” arrived on DVD and Blu-Ray, and then access additional materials in which there is something interesting or even intriguing for fans of the movie. In early summer, when the premiere, viewers opinions about the painting were divided dramatically. Many people then complained about the stupidity of …

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Near the moon “spotted” a mysterious alien ship

Around the moon UFO researcher noticed a black UFO. Researcher, space of US watched through a telescope at the sky and found near the natural satellite of the Earth, a strange object dark in color. Ufologist don’t doubt that they noticed a dark spot is an alien spacecraft. For many …

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Alien landscapes of the Isle of Skye. Photo

A unique place with pristine nature. This beautiful island called Skye is part of Scotland. Its population is just 9232 person, but has the huge increase during the summer due to tourists who come to enjoy its stunning scenery. Considering the emerald plains of the island and crystal-clear rivers, it’s …

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Found in Peru mummies are alien reptiles

In Peru were found five mummies, whose age is about 1700 years. According to some scholars, they are the remains of alien reptiles. With the announcement at a press conference, dubbed “the mummy of Nazca”, made by Jamie Maussan, which is known as the Mexican UFO researcher and reporter. He …

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In Volyn region was brutally killed by the alien

A murder suspect has been detained, investigation is made The body is directed on is judicial-medical examination to determine the cause of death. With the scene removed the traces of fingers and a knife with traces of blood. Law enforcement officers have detained the citizen, suspected of involvement in the …

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