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Russia intercepts missiles aimed at Belgorod – military

Russian air defenses in the Belgorod Region shot down nine missiles launched from Ukraine on Tuesday evening, according to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. The interceptions included two Tochka-U tactical ballistic missiles, as well as seven rockets from the ‘Olkha’ long-range artillery launchers, according to the Russian MoD. “On …

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US conducts ‘provocative’ Arctic missile test aimed at Russia

The US military tested an experimental cruise missile launch system above the Arctic Circle on Wednesday. The commander in charge of the test called it a deliberately “provocative” move aimed at deterring Russia. The operation involved dropping a long-range cruise missile from a Special Operations C-130 transport aircraft, with parachutes …

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Chinese warship aimed ‘laser’ at Australian spy plane

The Australian Department of Defence accused China of firing a laser at one of its spy planes this week, condemning it as a “serious safety incident” that had the potential to “endanger lives.” In a Saturday statement, the Australian military claimed one of its P-8A Poseidon spy planes “detected a …

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Canadian school board halts BOOK BURNING project aimed at ‘reconciliation’ amid controversy over adviser’s native roots

Ther Providence Catholic School Board has suspended the book-burning project – titled “Redonnons à la terre,” or “Give back to the earth,” and designed as a “gesture of openness and reconciliation” toward Canada’s indigenous population – after the practice was exposed by Radio Canada. Meanwhile, doubts have also been raised …

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