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Space Farce! The US Space Force sets out its mission to achieve ‘digital dominance’ in the universe – & becomes a cartoon parody

In Kinka Usher’s 1999 superhero comedy film, Mystery Men, there is one character, a Mexican wrestler-turned-superhero who goes by the name ‘Sphinx.’ Throughout the film, the ‘Sphinx’ offers up platitudes that would rival Sun Tzu, Confucius, or Yoda. “He who questions training,” he says on one occasion, straight-faced, “only trains …

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In these health facilities do not treat patients, and to achieve them

About the St. Petersburg hospital for war veterans, and “Lenexpo”: these medical facilities are not treating patients and seek their 59-year-old Petersburger Natalia Rubchevskaya infected with coronavirus in the hospital for war veterans, said, than turned to her month of treatment. Her mother’s story to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” has …

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Finland decided in 15 years to achieve carbon neutrality

The Finnish government has set an ambitious goal — to turn the country carbon neutral in just 15 years. This is stated in the Yle material. Finland wants to achieve zero balance between the emissions of carbon dioxide and its absorption by the environment. First, the “bad” index is three …

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How to achieve recalculation receipts for utilities

A guide to action. Users of housing services, which paid more than the sum of real money promise to credit as an advance payment. Excessive amount of receipts is not uncommon, for example, charge 10 cubic meters of water used instead of four. The utility blame the consumers who supposedly …

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The scientists said, is it possible to achieve eternal life

The experts shared their thoughts about the rapid development of technology in the world. The rapid development of technology nbic — nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science creates opportunities, which have long been a subject of science fiction. Disease, aging, even death — all of these human realities seek …

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In 2020, Ukraine will achieve full energy independence

Prime Minister predicts an increase in gas production for the year to 600-700 million cubic meters. The policy of increasing domestic production of gas will allow this year to increase production of 600-700 million cubic meters, and in 2020 to reach full energy independence of Ukraine and to reduce gas …

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