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Tablet XIDU PhilPad 13.3 – he is better than the competition?

In the lineup of XIDU is a tablet computer 13.3 PhilPad is positioned as a universal solution for comfortable operation and no less than a comfortable stay. Novelty is a smartphone middle class, which is very inexpensive, and in his price range, he has a lot of competitors. Try to understand, he is better than others.

First XIDU PhilPad 13.3 better the fact that AliExpess it can be purchased for $376 with free shipping and the coupon available at this link will save another $50. It should also be noted that included with the tablet comes still branded hardware keyboard with built-in touchpad that turns it into a laptop. It is not included in the price, as it is a gift – it is nil. Total has at least two advantages. The third is the screen resolution of Quad HD, we are talking about tablets on Windows 10 (in XIDU PhilPad 13.3 the license and she’s already out of the box support Russian language and Russian keyboard layout), and among them for the money you will come across only models with Full HD, so even with the smaller screen. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Equally important is the connectors that tablets, as a rule, almost none. In the case of XIDU PhilPad 13.3 it is not so: there are two USB 3.0 ports, miniHDMI, one USB-C and even a slot for a microSD card in case you not enough 64 GB of internal memory EMMS. By the way, RAM there are a lot of 6 gigabytes. The battery life is also a significant parameter for any mobile device, and here the manufacturer claims 24 hours of battery life, the capacity of which is really rather big – 10000 mAh. The tablet is built on energy-efficient Intel Celeron processor N3350 2.4 GHz on two cores, so it has no components that consume energy in large quantities, therefore, the tablet can really long hours without recharging.

In XIDU PhilPad 13.3 control is implemented using the proprietary stylus, there are a couple of loud 1-watt speaker and wireless high-speed module Wi-Fi 802.11 ac operating in the bands 2.4 and 5 GHz. The manufacturer has provided even built into the housing of the stand so the tablet can be conveniently placed on the table at the required angle. From all this it experience in XIDU PhilPad 13.3 – he even has a separate entry under headphones, not to mention two cameras – frontal 2 MP and basic 5 megapixel. It turns out that a competitor is simply nothing to oppose him – and the price is low, and the toppings are good, and many different interfaces. However, there XIDU PhilPad 13.3 one drawback: the tablet is devoid of Bluetooth. However, how often do you use it on a laptop or another tablet? Any peripherals and the same smartphones can be connected via USB, the keyboard uses its own interface and therefore does not consume energy, so the absence of such rarely used functions like Bluetooth, here even good.

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