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#Systrayscan – Day 2 (FULL VIDEO)

We tried to tell you about last Halloween in St. Petersburg the worst festival of all the details: published in two reports (Day 1, Day 2), called all the winners of the award of Masters of Horror and winners, The worst reading, and more than 500 photos posted. But if you are after all terribly sorry that you are unable to attend the event in person, here’s another little compensation.

On the YouTube channel of book chain “barrister” posted a great video from the second day of the festival. With a minimum of cuts, so, basically, you will be able to visit themselves in the ISF, to hear and see everything – well, almost everything – what was said and what was shown. Presentation of the horror film “the Dawn”, meeting with the authors of a series “the worst book”, prize “Masters of Horror” – all this was in the record.

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