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Syrian refugees EN masse to sell their bodies

Сирийские беженцы массово продают свои органыMany people do not have other ways to support their financial situation.

Syrian refugees in Turkey, sell your organs – a kidney, a lobe of the liver – in order to facilitate financial needs.

As claimed by the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger, buyers are affluent patients from Western countries and Saudi Arabia.

Illegal traffickers in human organs, as mentioned in the program, offer them on the Internet, especially in social networks like Facebook. For example, during a dummy transaction one of the mediators suggested a kidney refugee for 30 thousand euros. This amount included a kidney transplantation in one of Turkish hospitals. The price for a kidney on the black market in this country is from 6 to 11 thousand euros, the newspaper reports.

Many refugees, told in the material, to sell their bodies in order to “try their luck in the West or just to go home.” One of the Syrians said that his daughter needed a bone marrow transplant. Friends of Syria raised money to ensure that he and his family came to Germany and was able to pay for the treatment. But now, according to him, they are in Turkey and they need money to continue your “journey”. Another Syrian, Ahmed, said that “he has no other alternative to make money, but to sell some organs.”

According to one of the intermediaries, many of the operations were conducted in the hospital of the Eastern Turkish city of Malatya, according to the article. Meanwhile, one of the refugees said that “two of his friends after surgery woke up in a hospital bed, and on the street. Also, there are cases when transactions are conducted in private homes or apartments.”

The human rights organization Pro Asyl Karl Kopp argues that the trade in human organs has become the “new norm of human tragedies in the regions where there is war or crisis.”

“We were accustomed to the fact that refugees had no shelter or means of livelihood that they had to beg that women had to sell themselves. Now the norm is that they have to sell an organ to find decent prospects or simply the opportunity to leave,” concludes Kopp.

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