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Synergy Insight Forum: the business forum of national importance

Synergy Insight Forum: бизнес-форум национального значения

On April 23-25 we invite everyone in Crocus City Hall on Synergy Insight Forum 2018.

For three days at the scene of Russia’s largest Congress hall will be the outstanding people of our time. This year we decided not limited to business subjects, because the business does not exist in isolation from other aspects of life. Therefore, in addition to well-known business speakers and entrepreneurs we invited the first persons of Russian culture, science, sports, cinema, journalism and beyond.

On stage Synergy Insight Forum will be:

  • Journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev.
  • Expert networking Gil Petersel.
  • Director Nikolai Lebedev.
  • An expert in the field of intellectual development Maxim Potashev.
  • TV presenter and producer Garik Martirosyan.
  • Specialist, strategic marketing Garrett Johnston.
  • Expert in system development of personality and business Yitzhak Pintosevich.
  • An expert on leadership and public speaking, Radislav Gandapas.
  • And many others.

Learn more about the speakers Synergy Insight Forum >>>

A key task for Synergy Insight Forum is to give each participant an incentive to complete the transformation of business and life, a new vision of familiar things. Each speaker forum 30 minutes speech will share his insight: the sudden discovery, insight, idea, which gave a start to global change.

In two days you will receive a maximum of useful information for a complete transformation of business and life.

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