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Symbiote in the role of the Hulk in the excerpt from the comic book VENOM

KRU-stitching. Lo-mother.

Since then, as it became clear that the hopes of the public to the horror-rated R not destined to come true, a comic about infected by an alien parasite anti-hero “venom” (Venom) for many fairly lost in attractiveness. And even Tom hardy’s visit to Russia not too mitigated the negative effect of the disappointment caused by the news about the rating of the film.

However, if movie will be good, even the most ardent haters will forget about the age limit. And while Sony posted an excerpt from venom where the symbiote acts as… the Hulk!

Seriously, repaint this guy in green and he cut a tongue – and this is the Hulk from “the Avengers”. It behaves like the Hulk: smashes, breaks, scatters and throws enemies.

In the upcoming “Genome”, as we will combine the two in a story arc known as “venom: Lethal protector” and “planet Simbiotel”.

Journalist Eddie Brock loses his job because of his candor during the interview with the scientist and businessman Carlton Drake. Then one of the employees of Drake tells Eddie that their lab holding the alien parasite and use it to experiment on people. Eddie gets into the lab to save the victim of the experiment, but accidentally merges with symbiota himself.

Tom hardy (“Mad Max: fury Road”), Michelle Williams (“shutter Island”), riz Ahmed (“stringer”), Jenny slate (“house of lies”), Ron Cepas Jones (“Luke cage”), Marcella Braggio (“OA”), Sam Medina (“dragon Eye”), Michelle Lee (“Nightmares in the trailer Park”), Reid Scott (“Bones”), Scott haze (“Child of God”) and woody Harrelson (“Billboard on the edge of Ebbing, Missouri”) amounted to caste paintings.

Director Ruben Fleischer (“Welcome to Zombilend”).

In Russia “venom” beggin’ on 4 October.

See also: New trailer for “venom” is here!

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