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Sylvia hooks can play sister Lisbeth Salander

Reboot the franchise about the girl with the dragon tattoo slowly begins to gain flesh and blood. Last month we reported that Director Federico Alvarez (“evil dead: Black book”, “don’t breathe”) I finally found the new Lisbeth Salander. She was a British woman, Claire Foy, known, for example, on the series “Crown” historical horror “season of the witch”, where her character nightmare Nicolas cage and Ron Perlman. And flew some more casting news.

Soon the project should join the Dutch actress Sylvia hooks, which we could see in the latest “blade Runner”. Does negotiations, everything seems to be in the ointment, and Sylvia has already stockpiled an interesting role. If the stars line up, she will play the twin sister Lisbeth – as expected, not good. Yes, everyone surely somewhere there is an evil twin, even if not like us, like two drops of water… This plot device a little like a second-class series, but we need to see how implement it.

Role in “Running” shook career hooks. Hitherto she starred mainly in European cinema, and now entered on the pencil to Hollywood producers. She was even listed among the main candidates for the lead female role in “Genome”, but still the choice was made in favor of Michelle Williams.

Recall that Alvarez will be directing a film is not the first book about Lisbeth, and the fourth, called “the Girl who got stuck in the web” (The Girl in the Spider’s Web). She saw the light after the death of Stieg Larsson, the Creator of this series of detective thrillers. Continued from David Lagercrantz met is pretty cool, but favorite characters don’t have to bury. And Sony has plans to screen all subsequent books.

Back in 2011, the civil wife of the Stig said it was ready to finish the affair of her husband. However, it took 4 years to the continuation of the trilogy finally came out. The honor of finishing the work of Larsson had the famous Swedish writer and journalist David Lagercrantz.
New times have come in the life of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. Each of the characters busy with their own problems. Lisbeth declared war on the criminal Empire of his father, trying to exterminate even the smallest remnants. From Michael difficult period critics and colleagues gave him the persecution, blaming the loss of professionalism, and his magazine Millennium threatened a “hostile takeover” of major media. And yet the hacker and the journalist are destined to meet again. Blomkvist got involved in a new major investigation into the murdered the famous Swedish scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. And Salander has figured out that behind this crime is the worst enemy after Rooms. And this enemy has spun his deadly web…

The shooting will start in January next year. Location – Berlin and Stockholm. “The girl who got stuck in the web” already included in the schedule of releases and will be released in Russian cinemas on 18 October 2018.

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