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Switzerland will not abandon nuclear energy

Швейцария не откажется от атомной энергииIn Switzerland, a referendum over 50% voted against phasing out nuclear energy.

In Switzerland, a referendum voted against phasing out nuclear energy.

“The voting results are analyzed by the Swiss national public broadcaster SRG SSR Institute gfs.bern, show that the people’s legislative initiative “On the phase-out from nuclear energy” was rejected by a majority of 53.9% of the vote,” – said the Director of the Institute gfs.bern, Claude Longchamp.

It is noted that on the eve of referendum polls conducted by the Institute gfs.bern showed that the number of voters in favour of the adoption of the initiative, and rejects it, is almost equal — with a slight advantage of those who approve of the proposals in the initiative. And now, as you can see, the odds got still, opponents of the initiative.

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The authors of the initiative required to close the Swiss nuclear power plants — and they cover an average of 35% of the needs of Switzerland’s electricity — at the latest after 45 years of operation. Specifically, in 2017, would need to be closed NPP Beznau I and II in the Canton of Aargau and nuclear power plants in Ostermundigen, in the Canton of Bern, and, respectively, in 2024 and 2029. the nuclear power plant in gösgen cities (Canton of Solothurn) and Leibstadt (Canton of Aargau).

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