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Swiss scientists have invented a unique drone. Video

Швейцарские ученые изобрели уникальный беспилотник. ВидеоIn Switzerland have created a “indestructible” drone.

In Switzerland, the engineers from National research center of robotics together with the research staff of the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne created an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is not broken in the collision and fall.

To make the drone “indestructible”, the developers used fiberglass when creating the main frame of the drone. This allowed us to bend the structure in the event of an impact. Engineers attached to the battery case and the on-Board computer with the help of magnets. This solution allowed after impact, the design is disconnected, and then all the parts again stand in its place.

The inventors tested the drone, hitting it 50 times on the wall, but he stood the test. The Swiss believe that this technology can be used not only in UAVs, but also in other devices that break easily.

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It is worth noting that of the serial production of strong drones or designs to them, the Swiss are not yet reported.

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