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Swimming was recognized as a tool against depression

Плавание признали средством против депрессииSwimming helped to ease the symptoms, which severely impair quality of life.

Swimming alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety, as shown by a large-scale study.

A study involving almost 5 thousand people in the UK have demonstrated that swimming lessons once every two or three weeks to ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The authors of the study believe that the pools are regularly visited by at least 3.3 million Britons suffering from depression and anxiety. With more than 400 thousand of them by swimming were able to reduce the number of visits to medical specialists or reduce the amount of medication prescribed for the treatment of mental disorders.

43% of respondents said that swimming makes them more happy, and more than 25% after swimming receive enough motivation to perform everyday activities. Finally, 15% of respondents admitted that swimming lessons make their lives more manageable.

The researchers believe that their findings are very important, as the number of patients suffering from depression is growing. The medications from the category of antidepressants help not for everyone, they often cause dependence accompanied by serious side effects.

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