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“Swamp thing” promises a lot of violence

Next year we will have a new, series incarnation of the mighty and terrible weed comics from DC. And as the creators of the show, they are not going to soften the image for the small screen.

Writer and producer Gary Doberman, known for such films as “the Curse of Annabelle” and “It” working on the series “Swamp thing” (Swamp Thing) together with his longtime partner James WAN, and it is clear, from these guys, the audience is waiting for something, if not tough, it’s terrible. Well, looks like we get both. At least, in an interview with the resource /Film Dobermann said:

…we initially wanted to make a “Swamp thing” as brutal as possible, with images of violence, adult themes and make it more terrible. Since we are working with a streaming service DC, they really pushed us (although they didn’t have to push particularly hard), so we can turn to the maximum. We were inspired by ranom Alan Moore in “Swamp thing”, is a key Russian Academy of Sciences, I think. Fans of this series know that everything becomes quite strange, extreme and scary. We really wanted to meet this standard, which Moore established in 80-ies.

Sounds very reassuring, damn it!

Recall what is known about the plot of the series:

The history center will be a biologist Abby Arkan, who returns to his home in Louisiana, in order to find out the causes of the local swamps of a virus. Here she meets a scientist, Alec Holland, who is the love of her life… that’s just soon separates tragedy. But Louisiana swamp hold many secrets, as terrible, and conversely, and maybe Alec’s not dead…

Castes at the moment are crystal reed (“Gotham”) and Maria Stan (“Null channel”). The pilot episode should put Len Wiseman (“underworld”).

Streaming service the DC Universe will release “Swamp thing” in 2019.

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