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“Swamp thing” found himself the villain

Canadian Kevin Durand, known for such films as “Smokin ‘ aces” and “real steel” and the TV series “lost” and “Strain”, entered into castes comics series “Swamp thing” from streaming platforms DC Universe. The actor will play a famous villain named Jason Woodrow, he Floronic Me. In the past, a botanist, now a hybrid of man and plants with power over the diverse flora, he once tried to destroy all wildlife on Earth. So if you didn’t know where the roots of duck-weed Busroute from the “Black cloak”, this is it.

According to a story by Alan Moore , Dr. Woodrow hires rich Avery Sunderland (the role in the series will perform will Patton from “Halloween”) to determine how Alec Holland (Andy Beane of “It: Part 2”) was able to turn into the creature known as Swamp thing (in this manner will appear Derek Mears from the remake of “Friday the 13th”). Floro reveals the mystery of what happened, but Sunderland will not be too honest client. Perhaps this story will we see in the series.

While the synopsis of the show reads:

Biologist Abby Arkan returned home in Louisiana to ascertain the reasons for visiting local swamps of a virus. Here she meets a scientist, Alec Holland, who is the love of her life… that’s just soon separates tragedy. But Louisiana swamp hold many secrets, as terrible, and conversely, and maybe Alec’s not dead…

The role of Abby, the Lasso will take on crystal reed (“Gotham”). With it the above-mentioned actors in the TV series, you will see Maria Stan (“Null channel”), Henderson Wade (“Riverdale”), Jennifer Beals (“the Book of Eli”), dzheril Prescott (“the Walking dead”) and Virginia Madsen (“Candyman”).

Gary Doberman (“the Curse Annabel”) and mark Verheiden (“Daredevil”) are responsible for the script. Along with them, the Executive producer of the show is James WAN (the Conjuring).

Premiere of “Swamp thing” is scheduled for 2019.

Floronic Me in the comics

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