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Svetlana Zeynalov spoke about the difficulties of raising a daughter with autism

Every day, more and more celebrities openly talk about their children with disabilities. After Lolita, Irina Khakamada and Anna Netrebko open up 39-year-old TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalov.

Svetlana brings eight-year-old daughter Alexandra, which was diagnosed with autism. For the first time about the illness of the daughter Zeynalov told a year and a half ago, and recently the TV presenter gave a Frank interview to the magazine “Telenedelya”, which recognized that to educate a “special” child is not easy.

According to Svetlana, Alexandra has difficulty in expressing emotions, and many people are reluctant contact with her. Zeynalov is no slouch and does everything to make the girl feel comfortable in society.

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“The hardest part was in the first years. I remember Sasha noticed me for the first time. The pediatrician, who came home for the planned inspection, I noticed that Sasha looks into the eyes. Started going to doctors, tests, research… the Daughter refused to obey me, we could not understand each other… After another tantrum, I gave up: just sat on the floor and burst into tears… Then she saw me crying, came and hugged me. So I realized that the daughter I see and hear, and understand” — shared TV presenter.

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To educate Sasha, Svetlana helps her civil husband Dmitry. Man is not the father of the girl, but he spends a lot of time with her and engaged in her learning. Sasha gets along well with choice moms.

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