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Svetlana Zeynalov came to the podium with her daughter with an autism spectrum disorder

39-year-old Svetlana Zeynalov, co-host of the show “the Voice. “Children, daughter Alexandra. When the doctors gave the girl a diagnosis of autism, her father, former program Director of radio Maximum Alexei glazatov, left the family.

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Svetlana has admitted that raising a child with special needs is difficult. According to the leader, you have a lot of work on themselves and deal with others: “Life turns into a fight: with stupid teachers, bad incompetent doctors, education system, health care system, and just people around them. And only she was able to change me and to remind me THAT the most important thing on earth and why we live,” said Zeynalov (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. – Approx. ed.).

Svetlana does everything that her daughter lived a full life. For example, recently Zeynalov, along with her daughter walked the catwalk. To the applause of the guests of the show Alexander and Svetlana showed dresses.

“Before you is a future supermodel Aleksandra and her mom. It was chaos, even wanted to leave… but for Sasha was very important on stage! Now we have to win Paris, London, new York… it is small! But we like it)))) especially Sanaa,” wrote Svetlana in Instagram.

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