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Svetlana Loboda open up about the relationship with her ex-husband

 Светлана Лобода разоткровенничалась об отношениях с бывшим мужемSvetlana Loboda gave a Frank interview about the relationship with ex-husband Andrew King.

Ukrainian singer recalled meeting with the King, which occurred during the preparation to the Eurovision song contest, reports dni.ru. Andrew was a member and Director of the show Svetlana. Constant collaboration resulted in serious feelings for a duration of three years.

About stamps in the passport we thought. When he spoke on the theme of the wedding, I said that if people are good to each other, it is possible to live and so. Andrew has supported me, said that for him, it also doesn’t matter Why we were together, although not married,“ admitted Loboda.

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The singer told that they had with Andrew was different views on marriage and life in General. Svetlana, who is older than his ex-lover for three years, was the “engine“ of the relationship and the King was rather calm and measured in everything: “At some point our world and the desire so strongly excited that we got hard together. I’m essentially a locomotive, always moving forward. And Andrew is more inclined to meditation, to quiet family life. Besides, he’s a bit of a complex because I was making more money were successful.“

Indeed, the role played by financial independence Svetlana, who could easily provide for himself and family.

I am a fighter and believe that your happiness is worth fighting for, not to sit idly by. Especially if you want to be close with a female artist, she’ll have to meet to keep pace with it – smiling singer. – Andrew chose a different position – he chose to go within and to engage in various practices while I worked daily to provide for his family.

Now former spouses maintain normal relations: advice, praise for success at work, send each other SMS. Svetlana Loboda not preclude the communication of the first child. But in this respect it is also not very smooth, because he could not support the daughter financially: “…the financial, sorry, Andrew helps us rare. We talked to him on the subject, but he is not, although I would have liked. Not because I need. Just, in my opinion, the financial participation in the life of the daughter implies greater responsibility and a man is simply obliged to support their children, financially and including“.

 Светлана Лобода разоткровенничалась об отношениях с бывшим мужем

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