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Survival simulator Conan Exiles became temporarily free

Симулятор выживания Conan Exiles стал временно бесплатнымThe game also received a new addition.

The company Funcom has announced another free weekend in survival Conan Exiles – the campaign started today and will last till may 12 inclusive.

The event is timed to celebrate the first birthday of the game. She came out of early access a year ago – may 8, 2018. In addition, it is a tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger); this year marks 37 years since he played the role of Conan in “Conan the barbarian”.

Free to play the full version enough to get a Steam account, go to the project page and click the “Play” button. Conan Exiles will automatically be added to your library and will remain there until the expiration of the promotion. If you decide to buy the game, then all the progress will continue. By the way, in Steam, it is now on sale with 50% discount: the standard edition costs only 649 rubles. Recall that the simulator is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Also Conan Exiles acquired a new content:

– additional companions;

– a great new dungeon for high level players “the Drowned city”, where you will encounter cultists of Dagon;

mini-dungeon “Lair of the Scorpion”, perfectly suitable to find materials for crafting;

– statues (a total of 18 statues of Arnold in the role of Conan) and items of the above-mentioned film;

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– and the processing of some cities.

“Conan the Exiles – a game about survival in a brutal open world books about Conan the barbarian – say the authors. – Play together with friends and strangers in a huge open world sandbox, build your house or a common city. Cope with the cold weather, explore rich treasures of the dungeon, along with his character go from a commoner to a mighty barbarian and get face to face with the enemy in a siege or storm.” Starting from the bottom, you will first build a simple dwelling, and then be able to develop it to a huge fortress or even a city.

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