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Surprising facts about the most popular spices

Неожиданные факты о самой популярной специи7 facts about salt

Is it really necessary to abandon the salt, trying to benefit their health? This basic spice is ingrained in our diet is so that often we simply are not able to distinguish between the moderate addition of this additive in foods to enhance flavor and another bad habit to abuse the salt.

Why can’t we have a lot of salt why you can not easily do without it than to replace ordinary table salt and what is the sodium-potassium balance — experts have gathered for you the most important facts about the main spices in our kitchen. Their opinion leads health info with reference to “Kitchener”.

What is a salt

As soon as people found out about salt and have learned to produce globally appeared the so-called “salt road”, the product itself is taxed, and salt production has become a major sector of the economy, which determines material well-being of entire countries.

Table salt is composed of atoms of sodium and chlorine, but its real name is sodium chloride — you probably remember from school chemistry course. Chlorine helps our body to produce hydrochloric acid that is part of gastric juice, and sodium is actively involved in the work of the muscle fibers and transmission of nerve impulses.

In short, the need for salt due to human physiology, and to imagine our life without salt is absolutely impossible.

Is it possible to do without salt

Without sodium and chloride, needed by the body, can not live: too important for our life are the functions of these two elements.

What salt is used as preservative: it has antiseptic properties, it deprives the bacteria of a nutrient medium, absorbing moisture and prevents decay of the product.

It is not surprising that today, salt is added to almost everywhere: salty food is not spoiled, and we all the meats without the seasoning seems bland and tasteless.

Excess salt

Despite the fact that the salt in moderation the product is neutral and innocuous, fans of salt their food at risk to earn a lot of health problems.

The first sign of “pea” — swollen, swollen face: excessive salt intake contributes to the delay of excess fluid in the body. It is proved that a surfeit of salty foods increases the risk of hypertension — high blood pressure.

Violation of the kidneys and liver, osteoporosis and even eye diseases (also due to the increase of intraocular pressure) — the other extreme that await you on the “salty” way.

The lack of salt

Eliminate salt from your diet completely is not a good idea. The first signs of salt deficiency — weakness, dizziness, dry mouth, sudden fatigue and problems with digestion.

Of course, at first glance, the deficit of salt — the problem is not so common as excessively salty diet, but it is not so. Most often the consequences of lack of salt in the body face people who have lost a lot of moisture. It happens with dehydration, poisoning, high physical exertion.

If you exercise, keep on hand after a workout has always been mineral water or isotonic, is able to quickly compensate for the shortage of salt and prevent discomfort.

Daily salt allowance

Of course, universal daily allowance of salt simply does not exist, because this figure depends on various individual characteristics of the organism. Nevertheless, the average General indicators do exist, and you can focus on them if you decide to correct your diet and make it more balanced.

Daily salt allowance should be 10 to 15 grams per day (roughly equivalent to 1 teaspoon). Keep in mind that the foods you eat, salt is also contains, and try not to salt your food if there’s no urgent need.
Sodium and potassium

A healthy diet is very important factor such as potassium-sodium balance. The correct ratio of these critical participants in the processes of exchange will provide you with good health and a healthy cardiovascular system, and also processes protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Sodium, that is salt, you can “balance” potassium. This element helps to eliminate excess salt, and excess fluid from the body. Be sure to include in your diet foods rich in potassium.

Such a different salt

There are many kinds of salts, which will help to diversify the diet and make dishes sparkle with new colors. Do not be limited to table salt: read our extensive review of five original types of mineral salts, which are well worth a try, or even to keep in your kitchen.

Another great alternative to salt — flavored. It is very simple to do yourself using different herbs and spices.

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