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Surgical wedding in “the Theater of nightmares”

In a scene from the horror anthology Nightmare Cinema. Wedding? Surgeons, the blood drips? What the hell is going on? Depicted here scene, grotesque, creepy and funny, shes intrigued, huh?

Recall the General plot of the “Theater of nightmares”, connecting all contained in this story:

A company of losers brought in an abandoned and creepy Rialto cinema, and now a strange ghostly figure Projectionist animates on the silver screen their darkest fears. The fate of all who attend these shows, is in the hands of a Ghost. But by the time until the visitors realize the truth, escape is not possible anymore. The tickets are broken, and now they will forever remain in the Theater of Nightmares.

Mick Garris (“Sleepwalkers”), Joe Dante (“Gremlins”), David Slade (“Lollipop”), Ryuhei Kitamura (“Midnight Express”) and Alejandro Brugues (“zombie”) were the Directors of the anthology.

In the cast are Mickey Rourke (“sin City”), Richard Chamberlain (“Shogun”), Adam Godley (“Charlie and the chocolate factory”), Jamie gray Hyder (“Graceland”), Selesta Hodge (“Return”), Belinda Balaski (“Howl”) and others.

Date of the wide release of “Theater of nightmares” is still there. Promised that it will take place in 2018.

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