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Suprun told how to drink coffee and not to harm health

Супрун рассказала, как правильно пить кофе и не навредить здоровьюIf coffee is to drink moderately for the sake of pleasure, not of brain stimulation, it is useful.

Coffee can both benefit and harm, he wrote on his page on the social network the head of the Ministry Suprun.

According to her, if coffee is to drink moderately for the sake of pleasure, not of brain stimulation, it is useful. Coffee contains caffeine and several polyphenolic compounds and essential oils. Namely phenolic compounds primarily cause the beneficial impact of coffee on health. They act as antioxidants.

Coffee has a good effect on various processes in the body. In particular, 40% reduction in the risk of liver cancer in people of native hepatitis C virus increases the pressure, reduces symptoms of alcohol induced pancreatitis, the coffee 18-60% reduction in the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Coffee lovers less likely to suffer from diabetes, and people that rapidly destroys the caffeine, this drink reduces the development of cardiovascular diseases. And yet – the coffee is good in the fight against drowsiness.

Coffee can also harm the health. First of all, it is a slow clearance of caffeine. “If you have genes “powerful” of cytochromes, the coffee you almost won’t work, and you can drink a lot. The owners of the “slow” long cytochromes neutralize caffeine, so it acts longer and stronger, and causes tachycardia, hypertension, heart pain, anxiety, and sleep disturbance” – said Suprun. Advises not to drink coffee for those who have from it, pounding heart, dry mouth and sleep.

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Sometimes people become dependent on coffee. First coffee is good: it causes the release of dopamine, but over time this effect disappears. “Neurotransmitters over, start to operate other mechanisms of fatigue and exhaustion, and the brain increases the number of adenosine receptors. In order to block them all, should take more coffee. Anxiety growing, but the coffee does not excite the brain”, says the head of the Ministry of health.

She advises, take a break and drink coffee. After that, the number of adenosine receptors decreases to the usual level.

In addition, coffee is harmful, if it is combined with sweets or milk. Coffee is better to drink water, to drink without sugar and milk or Goodies.

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Council, how much to drink coffee, does not exist. If it is “not valid”, it is possible to six servings of espresso a day. If the coffee is too exciting – no more portions. Official sources often advised to drink up to four cups of coffee a day – the equivalent of 400 mg of caffeine.

Coffee can be drunk by pregnant women one or two times a day. However, high doses of caffeine during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage or having babies with low birth weight. This drink may increase the risk of osteoporosis. Coffee in combination with cigarettes increases the pleasure, prolongs the action of coffee and slows the clearance of caffeine.

“If you should “make the leap”, but no strength, have a coffee and sleep for 15 minutes. During sleep the brain becomes less adenosine receptors and caffeine it will be easier to block the rest. This trick will help you to feel more energetic”, says Suprun.

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