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Suprun called the main danger of the toilets

Супрун назвала главную опасность туалетовActing Minister of health gave the Ukrainians an important tip

“Could you imagine a horror film with the hand dryers in the main role? The results of recent studies have shown that hand dryers are very dangerous for health. Almost like in horror about the rise of the machines – they accumulate a variety of bacteria and microorganisms from air, and then release them back, including your already clean hands. So when you wash your hands after using the toilet, and then dried through the dryer, they may be not as clean as you think” – explains the acting Minister of health.

The official also spoke about the current research on this topic. It turns out that a lot of them, and the results often contradict each other:

“Some researchers argue that the bacteria in the dryer, there are a lot of them – continues to tell Suprun. – Moreover, their number growing almost exponentially depending on how long the sample for the study was under the air flow from the dryer. Other scientists point out that is not so scary. The important thing is to keep clean the device and change the filters. This will help reduce the amount of bacteria and microorganisms by almost 75%. In addition, there are studies that do not recommend the use of the dryer in hospitals, because some of the detected bacteria can cause infection in people with weak immune systems. And another group of researchers proves that there is no difference than drying washed hands”.

The doctor gave a number of recommendations how to protect your health:

. If you are a happy owner hand dryers – time to change the filter. It concerns, first of all, administrations of institutions which are visited by a large number of people. Each filter in a drying have an expiration date. Do not use when it is time to replace!

. Put indoor disposable hand towels. This is the safest and fastest method for drying hands from the standpoint of hygiene.

. If you choose between the dryer and the towel, the better the towel. Especially if you are an employee of the health system.

“At first glance is very simple thing, but it is on them to build our health. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and be healthy”, – said the acting Minister of health.

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