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Supporters of trump was wrong for 1 million people

Сторонники Трампа ошиблись на 1 миллион человекTrump tried to obtain evidence that the media underestimated the number present at his inauguration as President of the United States.

After his inauguration, U.S. President Donald trump called the acting Director of the national Park Service Michael Reynolds and demanded to see additional photos from the ceremony. Reynolds gathered additional footage taken from the air and sent them to the White house. The new pictures are not confirmed trump made the statement that the inauguration came more than a million people.

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The President also reprimanded Reynolds for his management of retinol in the official account a collage of photos comparing the size of the crowds at the inauguration of trump and Obama. These pictures clearly show that the ceremony trump was considerably less people. The retweet was later called a mistake.

Officially, the White house and the national Park Service confirmed that the conversation between trump and Reynolds took place, but declined to comment on the content of the conversation.

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Previously, the question of the size of the audience at the inauguration was the subject of a dispute between the official representative of the presidential administration Sean Spicer and the White house reporter pool.

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