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Supporters of a flat Earth has presented evidence of his theory

Сторонники плоской Земли представили доказательства своей теории Some scientists believe that Kazakhstan has borders with the US, India and Australia does not exist.

On earth there is a sect made up of supporters of a flat Earth. Their beliefs are so strong that even scientists are not able to argue with them and something to prove. So, according to the sectarians, Kazakhstan borders with the United States, India and Australia do not.

As the arguments of this thought Vyacheslav Kotlyar, one of the supporters of the theory of a flat Earth, brings a photo of Charyn canyon. Male when compared to the Russian of the canyon with the Grand Canyon (USA) came to the conclusion that it is one and the same country.

It is noteworthy that these data believe a lot of people from around the world. According to sect, the Earth is square. The region is a huge ice wall. Global conspiracy allegedly took place between the governments of all countries. Fake scientists like maps, and images from outer space.

Absurd theories have prompted TV presenter Igor Prokopenko to dedicate this issue to the whole issue. Mark Hughes of California, in turn, went up on a rocket made with his own hands, with the goal of reaching the neighboring Kazakhstan. When the machine got up to a mile, the man had to eject.

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