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Supplementation with vitamins is recognized as useless

Пищевые добавки с витаминами признаны бесполезными Canadian scientists have come to unexpected conclusions.

Today, there are many vitamin supplements that are advertised as firming the entire body a miracle cure.

However, the study team of canadian scientists led by Dr. David Jenkins proved popular among the population of pill with vitamins and minerals had no significant effect on health, and often even harm him.

Experts at the University of Toronto reviewed randomized control studies carried out in the period 2012-2017. As it turned out, vitamins C and D, and calcium that are included with the most popular dietary supplements do not affect the condition of the body and are not useful when used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and do not reduce the risk of premature death from them. In this respect, a beneficial effect on health has only folic acid or vitamin B9, is a regular intake which has a beneficial effect on the heart.

Canadian researchers were surprised by the small amount of positive feedback regarding the reception of popular vitamin supplements. In addition, they revealed negative factors of using “miracle” means. For example, it is seen that the antioxidants and vitamin B3 help to increase the possibility to die at an early age.

To improve health, experts recommend, you should not self-medicate, and it is better to turn to professionals. Expensive supplements that is a trick of marketers and pharmacists, will not be a panacea for all ills, but will only hit the budget. The best way to fill the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals is to eat healthy and include in the daily diet of healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, a variety of cereals.

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