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Supertop old-school horror movies from the band Electric Wizard!

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Have you noticed that prominent musicians sometimes give a truly original tops favorite horror movies?

Like Rob Zombie, for example, was a fan of Bela Lugosi. And the leader of the band DevilDriver your choice is limited movies of the 21st century. An interesting selection was made by the leader of the local rap formation 2rbina 2rista.

Don’t know about you, but I such collections look even more interesting than the others – more chances to learn about a worthwhile movie-one of those which I myself have not seen. In this particular case, colleagues from B-D, after talking with the leader of the British metal band Electric Wizard the New Jazz (Jus Oborn), got him a very cool old-school top, jam-Packed with eurohorror 60-70 years of the last century. And this top you can fall in love if only just for the titles are included in his movies!

Shall we?

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