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“Supernatural”: new trailer and details of female spin-off

Channel The CW on its official YouTube channel has posted an extended trailer of the series “Supernatural” (Supernatural). That is not only unkillable, like its characters, the show, and the upcoming thirteenth season. In the video are all familiar with: fighting, shooting, and Dean wet evil. Although this time we are promised some “creature of incredible power, which can save the world and destroy it.” There is a suspicion that talking about the creep in the white suit.

About the new season we know a little bit. You should see that the Archangel Michael is in a parallel world and in a new guise. Mother Winchester in the company of Lucifer stuck on the other side of the fault and probably would like to participate in the war of Heaven and Hell. In addition, one of the episodes of the show will be a cartoon, but still with the famous dog detective named Scooby-Doo. Sounds crazy? “Supernatural” happened and such.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen ackles, of course, will return to their roles. Without them all this would be pointless. Although “sidbury” slowly preparing the alternative: working women (in the spirit of the time) spin-off called “the Prodigal sister” (Wаyward Sisters). In the center of the story is Sheriff Jody mills, played that Kim Rhodes. It will bring together your team of hunters on evil spirits, the show also needs to be some heroine universe, “Supernatural”. The audience should wait and adopted daughters Jodi and another female Sheriff Donna. In General, the brothers brothers and sisters sisters.

The new season of “Sverhu” kicks off October 12. It is assumed that one of the episodes of the show will start the “Wayward sisters”, a full series which will be released in 2018.

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