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Super League: the eight teams will start in the playoffs

Суперлига: восемь клубов стартуют в плей-оффCompleted the regular season of the Ukrainian championship in basketball.

The winner of the regular season was the capital “Budivelnik” afford to lose only two matches. During the season the Builders gave an impressive 23-game winning streak.

The most productive player of the regular championship became the American Legion “Chemist” Jamie Smith, gaining on average per game to 18.0 points. In the top 3 in this category included Kenneth Funderburk (BEEPS, 16.1 points per game) and Stanislav timofeyenko (“Dnepr”, 15.6 points per game).

Among the assistants was the first point guard BEEPS Klim Artamonov (6.3 assists per game). The top 3 comprised Vladislav Tonchenko (“Nikolaev”, 5.5 assists per game) and Pavlo Burenko (“Zaporizhia”, 5.2 assists per game).

The selection was dominated by the great man of the “Polytechnic” Jared Stolicker (of 9.0 rebounds per game). Good efficiency when working on boards demonstrated Stanislav timofeyenko (8,4 rebounds per game) and Alexander Kushnirov (BEEPS, 8.1 rebounds per game).

For efficiency, the best player of the regular season was forward “Dnepr” Stanislav timofeyenko (20.93). The top five included Alexander Kushnirov (BEEPS, 17,5), Jamie Smith (“Chemist”, 17,4), Kenneth Funderburk (BEEPS, 16,3) and Henry Dugat (“Budivelnik”, 16,1).

Final standings:

Суперлига: восемь клубов стартуют в плей-офф

Pairings for the first round of the playoffs:

“Budivelnik” – “Flint”
“Chemist” – “Nikolaev”
“Dnepr” – “Zaporozhye”
“Cherkassk Mavpy” – PUTT.

The first round of the playoffs of the super League starts on March 24. The names of the semifinalists of the championship of Ukraine will be defined in series to two victories.

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