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Super League: Dnipro defeated in Zaporozhye, Pobedy “Chemist” and “Nikolaev”

Суперлига: «Днепр» повержен в Запорожье, победы «Химика» и «Николаева»In the championship of Ukraine on basketball played matches of the fourth round.

“The chemist” due to the transformation in the second half of the game on their home court dealt with the “Kiev-Basket”, punishing guests from the capital over the individual basketball. The owners soloist was Vitali Malczewski (21+5 rebounds) were terrific, and the American guard Deon Edwin (19+4 steals). The most productive of “Kyiv-Basket” became Maurice Creek (17+6 rebounds+ 6 assists).

MBK “Nikolaev” in a house match with “Polytechnic” on the third attempt opened the scoring victories in the new season. “Shipbuilders” beat Kharkov at the expense of protection, never allowing the visitors to gain a quarter more than 16 points. At “Nikolaev” the most productive became the author of the spectacular control of Danka Anton Musienko (14+6 rebounds). In the “Polytechnic” for 15 points scored Roman Kozlov and Ganesh Natesan.

“Zaporizhia” after “Maitai” dealt with another representative of Ukraine in the European Cup FIBA. The team of Denis Zhuravlev nothing could counter the American Legion hosts Michael Holton, Malik Trent and Kendall hill, the three of us scored 67 points with a great percentage of shots from the game. After two wins over the favorites of the season, the Cossacks topped the table, Dnipro is second.

The results of the matches of the fourth round:

Khimik – Kiev-Basket 89:75 (22:19, 16:19, 27:16, 24:21)

MBC Nikolaev – Polytechnic 72:65 (14:16, 22:17, 20:16, 16:16)

BC Zaporozhye – Dnipro 89:79 (22:27, 25:10, 21:19, 21:23)

Match Odessa – Cherkasy Mavpy postponed indefinitely


Суперлига: «Днепр» повержен в Запорожье, победы «Химика» и «Николаева»

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