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Summer vacation in Ukraine where you can relax students

Летние каникулы в Украине: где можно отдохнуть школьникамGuests can relax on the sea and in the mountains.

5-6 years ago to find a good children’s summer camp was a problem. State institution “disappeared” every year by dozens, and the quality of rest they often do not meet the needs of modern parents and children. Private childcare summer holidays have just begun to appear, but due to the shortage scare away many sky-high prices.

In recent years children’s summer vacation is being actively developed. According to tour operators, each year there are new camps or collect baby change on the basis of quite “adult” hotels and resorts. Also in the major cities EN masse today organize day camps. They can be located in clean areas and in the city – in entertainment centers, creative studios or in rented premises. The result is a range of exciting summer holidays for children today has become much wider than they were a few years ago. And there is quite as budget options, and VIP institutions, offering children a “five star” holiday.

The mountains and the sea

Children whose parents are not afraid to go far from home, in the summer go to either Western Ukraine or South to the sea. That is, the main directions for adult and children coincide, say travel agents.

Among the camps on the coast of Black and Azov seas as there are built in Soviet times and new.

“For example, camp “Brigantina” in Skadovsk has always been a children’s camp. But there is still conducted repairs, renovation. But “Artek” which is now on the mainland, took a newly built building in Bukovel. In principle, most of the camps in the Carpathian mountains, and the sea – in the Gulf, Gribovka – located in a completely reconstructed or newly constructed buildings”, – says head of “Ukraine and the CIS countries” the tourist company “PanUkraine” Ludmila Prus.

One of the significant advantages of the old camps, the organisers of children’s activities called a large area. Newly built camps in this space can not boast. But they often can be found in the rooms and the pools on site.

“According to my observations, the amenities are more concerned parents than children. Of course, if the child lives in a 5 star hotel, the price for a ticket is much more than in other camps. And the program as an expensive and a cheaper camp may be almost the same”, – says Lyudmila Prus.

Because the black sea coast has long and densely built up, with fewer opportunities for the emergence of entirely new objects. But in the Carpathians and in Transcarpathia new camps are opened every year.

In most modern children’s camps, the change lasts for 14 days, whereas previously the children had a rest day 18-21. The cost of the trip includes accommodation, 5 meals, entertainment and insurance. The range of prices over a two-week paddling vacation this year – from 7500 to 37 000 UAH.

Compared to last year, children’s holidays rose this summer by 10-15%. Mainly due to the rising prices of food and partly due to the increase of staff salaries.

Camp interest

Bright trend in recent years camps have become thematic shifts, or shifts “interest”. Today is a holiday offer children most summer camps.

In many camps every new change has its own orientation. For example, one of the children’s institutions in gribovka on the black sea the first shift gathered sports fans, for a second here for those who wants to try herself in show business (young singers, actors, musicians), and the third will teach the tricks of the business, then you will gather young journalists, etc. the Cost of each change – 13-14 thousand. In the other camp in Bucha, near Kiev, the theme of the first change – show business, the second is sport, then children will teach photography skills, help with career choice, tell us what the startups. The price for a ticket to one shift – 15 thousand UAH.

“In Western Ukraine open recreation, which do not have their own source of mineral water. But they attract tourists in good programs. Spend as Hiking (tours on the “survival”), and conversational English. Organize a “school of leaders”, the creative and physical change”, lists Lyudmila Prus.

Many camps choose one topic for the entire season. More precisely, spetsializiruyutsya on any one orientation. For example, in one of the camps in Yaremche (Ivano-Frankivsk region) gather creative and talented people on the creative festivals. Another camp in the Carpathians is positioned as a sports and language (English + extreme). In Chernihiv region there is a camp for football fans. In the Odessa camp from school. In the Nikolaev camp for horse lovers, camp, learning climbing, rafting and diving. There are camps for scholars, for lovers of quests, young technicians. The list can be endless. Prices for tickets in the ‘fixed’ camp, located in resort areas, start from 7 thousand UAH. In tented camps – from 5 thousand UAH.

Earlier we talked about some unusual leisure options are offered Odessa the kids summer camp.

Camp near the house

If you go far away from home baby unusual or expensive, perhaps more interesting will be the camp near the city in which you live. Or even in the city.

“Suburban” camp today practically in each region of Ukraine. And also different “flavors” (you can choose a thematic change).

Some organizers arrange short change for kids – 3-4 days that the child “had a taste of independent life” but not in time to miss the family. The cost of such “mini-change” can be from 2 thousand UAH.

In the cities are becoming more widespread day camps where they can spend time from morning to evening, and maybe – just half a day. For example, in Kiev there are a lot of day camps for future engineers and programmers, logicians, actors and artists. There are day camps, where playfully learn languages (English, Polish, German, etc.). Rather, most of the language camp focused not on learning but on the development of spoken language and to overcome the “language barrier”. The cost of training in day camp can be less than 2 thousand UAH.

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