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Summer on the “Gossip”: Vera Brezhnev, Elena Volatile, Natalia Bardot and other stars on vacation

Natalia Bardo

Both domestic and Western stars continue to tease us with their vacation photos. Thus, 40-year-old Elena Flying with her husband Yuri Anashenkov is now in Ecuador. The presenter misses no opportunity to demonstrate her slim figure in a swimsuit from all angles.

Even if You are a little over 30, dance as ever! All Hayter heartfelt greetings from the Galapagos (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved – Approx. ed.),

— signed frame celebrities.




20-year-old Ales Kafelnikov is resting in Bali for more than a month. The model recently announced that has decided to stay and live on the island.

Don’t know, but this place completely changed my life. Therefore, I feel that I need more time for meditation and yoga, so I decide to move to Bali until I’m 99 percent sure I have a base to return to work, — she wrote.

Judging by the Instagram stories, 20 January the daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov was going home to Moscow, but then suddenly told followers that missed the plane, and money for a return ticket asked subscribers. The desired amount managed to collect, but Ales decided to extend their stay in Paradise.




45-year-old Sergey Shnurov together with his wife flew to Morocco. He has published in social networks few pictures: out of the wilderness and with his beloved Olga Abramova. Under the impressive frame, he placed poetic lines, where they shared a cherished dream.

According to him, it would be nice “for a day to become a Sultan” and go to Casablanca or Marrakech, forgetting about problems, without the Internet, “in the enjoyment of dwelling, to recline in the shade of the olive tree, disconnected from the Wi-Fi”.

34-year-old participant in the show Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva went on vacation to Thailand:

I do not understand people who say that in travel are starting to miss home — food, nature and language. I’m the opposite — happy to like the local culture, traditions and try to fully immerse yourself in a vacation until the last minute.




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