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#Sumatrana at the Moscow book fair – how it was (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

As warned, the sixth of September, at seven o’clock the delegation Zone Horror visited on the Moscow international book exhibition-fair, where once there was a time and place to introduce a wide readership and publishing public landmark for the genre of horror and mystery series the “scariest book”.

We were there not just as journalists, but as human beings, having this time the most that neither is a direct relationship. Who do not know – we will remind that the editor-in-chief ZU is the author and compiler of this series, Deputy editor Irina Parfenova regularly included in a special library target group, assist in selecting stories for anthologies-annuals SSK (sixth this – “the worst book 2019” – coming soon!), and members of the editorial Board Alexander Podolsky and Mikhail Pavlov widely published books in this series.

In the event visited and made your humble servant and the authors of the SSK-series Dmitry Tikhonov (its author’s book “devil’s fingers” is already almost sold out, so hurry up to buy) and Dmitry Viter (who wants to shoot a short film on his own story “Night swimmer” from the SSK series, which is not forgot to remind, during his speech). Colleagues Podolsky and Parfenov (and later approached Nikolai Ivanov) remained in the room, as humble members of the editorial Board “Astrel-SPb” – editor SSK-series Irina Epifanova and editor Alexander Prokopovich.

In General, we appeared next to the stand of the publishing house AST about a half an hour before it started. To our surprise, a small audience was already partly filled. “Are we waiting for someone?” – glad it was us. But after a minute or two, when a small crowd began to disperse, it turned out that we were supposed to play the ex-President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. “Well, we will speak to each other” – has upset us, but as it turned out, once again rushed.

In the end, the house left very little – and those appeared mainly because someone from the audience from time to time stood on some matters (phone calls, etc.) – but, characteristically, then returned. Moreover, in the process, the people were tightened – so, closer to the end of the event appeared ZU blogger, an aspiring writer Jay ARS.

Time to tell you about myself and about “The scary book” was small, only half an hour. But what could we have done. Remember a good word and the late Vladislav Geneva, whose collection became the first copyrighted book in the series, and about Stephen king (where without it) chatted. Enough funny moments, there was even a kind of interactive with the audience. For example, Dmytro Viter asked to raise hands those who read horror, but then those who read fiction. The speaker clearly expected that the latter will be greater, but all of a SUDDEN turned out differently.

Tell you a secret, that communication about the “worst book” about horror in General will continue – the representatives of the AST have confirmed that in one of Moscow’s largest bookshops later, the presentation of the series, just waiting for information about the exact date, so officially this event to announce.

Well, the authors SSK and sympathizers at the end of the speeches at the book fair went Hiking at a local café, where he continued to chat in an informal setting before midnight – which, in General, is also very symbolic.

Video: Irina Parfenova

Photo: Dmitry Viter, Irina Parfenova, Nikolai Ivanov, AST

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