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“Sum” goes to the bottom?

«Сумма» идет ко дну?

The case against the brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov replenished with new and new episodes.


Recently it became clear that the brothers are trying to attract to vicarious liability. Arbitration claim for JSC Globalelectroservice (HPP) .

Interim Manager Mikhail Andreev accused Magomedov ‘s unwillingness to take action after the appearance of signs of insolvency of JSC Globalelectroservice (OAO GES). To attract the owners of Summa’s accountable Manager has decided under article 61.12 bankruptcy law, which gives the right to attract to vicarious liability of managers and controlling debtor entities (CDL).

So radically the law in the Russian legal practice was interpreted for the first time.

It is noteworthy that the “first victims” were is brothers Magomedovand their team of administrators. Makes draw attention to themselves and the amount of the claim of 17 billion rubles.

But the main intrigue is trying to figure out what role was played Magomedov in the business of hydroelectric. Until December 17, Mikhail Andreev should provide the court with evidence that their role corresponded to what was meant by “controlling persons“. If he succeeds, then a precedent (and its role in arbitration cases, extremely high) can sink not only the remains of the business “Sums”, but be the beginning of reformatting the entire domestic business, which is built on the Foundation of technology companies with nominee shareholders. The defendants included the management of many of the corporations included in the “Amount”, including Cyprus “E-seven limited” (he had been a 99% stake in HPP) and OOO “Baker Tilly Rusaudit” (which, in 2017 began to be called “crow Rusaudit”).

JSC Globalelectroservice is a key accused of stealing state funds that were allocated for the construction of the stadium in Kaliningrad and TPP in Sovetskaya Gavan in the Khabarovsk territory. For some reason the company failed to fulfill its obligations.

Now this fact can easily turn into criminal negligence and even outright intent.

In “intentional” direction of developments and around other asset “Amount” — the United grain company (UGC). At one of its locations in the eagle has revealed the fact of embezzlement of nearly 20 thousand tons of grain. This fact was revealed by the team, which included presented — Rosselkhozbank, the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry. According to preliminary estimates, the damage exceeded 200 million rubles, which, in General, not a fantastic figure for the Corporation of the magnitude “of the Amount”. More importantly — we are talking about the Federal grain intervention Fund. This situation makes brothers Magomedov whether in the “thieving Directors stock“, whether in “the looting of strategic resources” – here it depends under what “sauce” to present the incident.

In the long term economic case brothers Magomedov may well be political. Ex-Senator Magomed Magomedov, in charge at “the”total” for the policy“, apparently, has already started to move this way.

Speaking earlier in court, he noted that the major business problems encountered should be set to leave the country. The political meaning of the statement Magomedov increased mention of problems encountered by owners of three or four holding companies, commensurate in scale with the “Amount”.

To politicize the matter Magomedov can their relationship to David Kaplan, who is little known in Russia because it was formed in the Baltic States, doing it in the early 1990-ies “jointing” of payments between the parties of the former Soviet republics.

This relationship can start in the dark corners of the shadow banking system and the circumstances of the murder in the autumn of 2006 the Chairman of the Central Bank Andrei Kozlov. This case could be disastrous for a very large number of influential people.

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