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Suit burnt-out zombie of a child caused a scandal in the UK

We live in a time when not every horror-action people take for granted – not even the ancestral home of Halloween in the UK.

Many parents pelted with complaints from sellers about kids Halloween costume “Burnt zombie child” (Burnt Zombie Child). Adults felt more than inappropriate this outfit in connection with the tragedy in Grenfell tower, which occurred this summer.

If you are not aware, on the morning of 14 June 2017 27-storey Grenfell tower in West London there was a huge fire, which killed 18 children. It is understandable why the appearance in the sale of such suit has caused many anger and horror.

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However, it should be noted that traders are not as insensitive as it may seem. Okay, actually they are worse, but it’s not about that. The fact that stores will order products for Halloween at the beginning of the year, in April. Thus, these suits are not of any malicious mocking reference to the events of June.

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In any case, I doubt very much that this product will be in high demand in London. Fortunately there are other costumes, not worse:

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