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SUDDENLY: filming of the movie “Deep blue sea 2”!

The night – MEGA-news! It turns out, the sequel to the shark horror film “Deep blue sea” (Deep Blue Sea, 1999) is not just “in development” (which in itself is news, because the project was thought to be long dead), and all is removed.

We just remembered this film in our Top 5 horror films about sharks-cannibals. A little earlier, in April, talked about how this film could be, if at the time the development of the sequel has not stopped.

Recall that when the Director of the project methyl plamodel Jack Perez. Imagine, in this sequel we could see sharks, armed with machine guns (no joke).

Why “Deep blue sea 2” suddenly once again become relevant and interesting producers? The answer lies not deep, rather the opposite – floating on the surface, in the top of the box office. Last year’s great success accompanied the film “Shallow”, in this year’s unexpectedly well made to hire another shark horror, “the Blue abyss”. And now the shooting of “fuel 2” go!

The Director acts Darrin Scott – leader of the not very distinguished and not very well known, removing the hitherto mostly movies for television and indie projects. But, what pleases me, specializiruetsya comrade Scott primarily on horror.

Why pick on Scott? Probably because “Deep blue sea 2” will be a TELEVISION movie for a cable channel SyFy. One of the roles in the film will play Michael beach.

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