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Substandard mitigation

Некачественное смягчение

The deputies from “United Russia” made amendments to the bill to raise the retirement age and decided that no more problems.

A bill to raise the age of retirement in Russia was held Wednesday in the state Duma the second, crucial reading. In the third and final reading its going to approve on the following day, September 27. Then this document, as could be expected, quickly is approved in the Federation Council and sent to the President for signature.

In the state Duma the bill agreed to support only deputies from “United Russia”. And in favor of its adoption in absentia was expressed by 12 of the United Russia party, six of whom came to the meeting because of illness. Three other Duma fractions — the Communist party, LDPR and “Fair Russia” has promised to vote against the bill. But in the end cheated not only the Communists and “revolutionaries” followed only partially. Basically the MPs of this faction decided to shy away from participating in the vote, the same way it did in the liberal democratic party. Didn’t dare this time to press the button “against” and United Russia Natalia Poklonskaya, which last time was the only Deputy from the “United Russia” voted against the adoption of the controversial bill.

While the deputies were discussing amendments to a warm hall, future retirees protested against their adoption on the street, in a dense environment of “riot”. To Express their disagreement in a non-trivial way decided and a couple of deputies from the Communist party, who came to the meeting wearing white t-shirts that read “Stop pension”. And to become more visible, the deputies sat on the chairs that finally angered the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. He asked them “not to break the furniture” and to come to the meeting in a more appropriate clothes. “The salary of the Deputy possible to buy a jacket and tie. We have salaries much higher than those who elected us,” he made the remark Volodin.

The average salary of the deputies, as you know, comes up to 400 thousand rubles and the future law about raising the retirement age on them though is but serious losses are not threatened. Volodin himself back in the summer tried to convince their voters of the inevitability of raising the retirement age. Once finalized, this document, the speaker stated that the bill was “much better and more socially oriented”. “He became more fair and, of course, better protect the rights of our citizens,” praised Volodin, perhaps the most unpopular move of the authorities in recent years.

About the “softening” of the bill for the second reading said, and came to the meeting of the state Duma Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. And speaking after it the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin thanked the deputies for constructive work.

However, the interaction of deputies and the government at completion of the project was that the table of amendments recommended for adoption in the end (not including presidential) were the only ones that managed to coordinate with the Cabinet of Ministers. So under the knife allowed not only the proposals of the Duma opposition, but also many initiatives of United Russia. For example, the profile Duma Committee on labour and social policy first approved the amendment, two United Russia, proposed to extend the right of early retirement for all citizens living in the far North, not only the representatives of indigenous peoples. But an hour later he had to re-vote the decision. To do this it was necessary, apparently, under pressure from the government, said, “SR” Oleg Shein.

To the bill introduced more than 300 amendments, but in the end supported only by presidential and from the “United Russia”, which discussed in advance the essence of their proposals with the government. Chief among these amendments should perhaps consider lowering the age of retirement for women from the original 63 to 60 years old (now 55 years). Men are ordered to retire at 65 years of age (now 60 years). The essence of changes is to preserve the preferential rights of retirement for certain categories of citizens, guaranteed the payment of unemployment benefits in 11280 rubles a year for the unemployed pretensioners and consolidation of the new mechanism of indexation of pensions to pensioners on 1 thousand roubles per year over the next six years.

By the way, for these amendments was voted by all deputies, regardless of their factional affiliation, but they only wanted to show that it is still support the President. Meanwhile, representatives of the Duma opposition factions insisted on the abolition of the law or a moratorium on its adoption until 2035. After they refused, the opposition began to demand to maintain the current age of retirement for doctors, teachers, workers of village, family members of the astronauts, and even residents of the regions “low life expectancy”.

But Topilin was adamant and said that without raising the retirement age will not do. “The timing is optimal, because everything else will lead to big problems,” insisted the Minister.

Representatives of the Duma opposition have argued that it is not so and the country has the money to pay pensions without taking drastic measures. “The country is literally flooded with money, but the government chose the path of social disaster”, — said the “SR” Shein. He estimated that this year alone the state received two trillion rubles due to the growth of revenues from the sale of oil.

The MP also believes that the increase in retirement age will result in high unemployment in several years. “Since 2011, the number of jobs in Russia decreased by 4.7 million last year with economic growth of 2% jobs minus 420 thousand, and from January to June this year — minus 216 thousand… While the demographic hole, which they say, will be fully overcome already by 2023, and then will start the influx of young people into the labour market”, — outlined the future of the MP.

The opposition, realizing that not achieve the “United Russia” making his proposals, has decided to delay the discussion of the bill. To do this, they have made separate consideration about seven dozen amendments, the rationale for each of which spent up to three minutes. In the end, the discussion document was stretched in the Duma for four hours. The United Russia party every time shied away from voting on the amendments of the opposition, so they simply didn’t have the necessary for adoption of new regulations number of votes.

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