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Stylish wives of world leaders. Photo

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. ФотоSeven main fashionistas of the world.

The first lady is not just the President’s wife. She is the embodiment of style, beauty and behaviour in society. Her daily life is closely watched by journalists, so the first lady should always look perfect, to be able to support any small talk, to have good manners and, of course, to possess a sense of style. After all, the first lady is the face of the country. In our review of 7 most stylish first lady in recent years, impeccable taste which will be envied by even the most avid fashionista.

Melania trump (wife of the US President)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

Today Melania trump is one of the most talked about person in the world. Every publication in the role of the spouse of the President of the United States perfect. She otlet preference for monochrome outfits. But, if before Melania appeared in public in dresses with a deep neckline, today they were replaced by elegant outfits. The first lady of the United States prefers razbelennye shades of pink, blue, beige. She always has impeccable hair and makeup. Today, she imitated the millions of ordinary women across the planet.

Bridget Tronie (wife of the French President)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

Bridget Tronie, despite his age (the wife of the President of France, 64 years) looks amazing! She prefers functionality, practicality and comfort: classical trousers, various versions of jackets, suits – that’s the first lady of France. But in the last time in public Bridget is increasingly appearing in short dresses. The fitted models A-line long just above the knee, of course, her go. Good, slim figure allows you to wear such extreme length and look very elegant and restrained.

Sophie Gregoire (wife of the Prime Minister of Canada)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

Sophie Gregoire, the wife of one of the most beautiful politicians in the world – the Prime Minister of Canada, should look for him. She’s not wise with elaborate outfits and most often chooses a classic pencil dresses long MIDI. There is nothing more feminine than similar styles! By the way, Sophie is often compared to the Duchess of Cambridge, and all because of the fact that its styling is often reminiscent of the hairstyle of Kate Middleton.

Carla Bruni (wife of the former President of France)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

The wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy – the icon of French style. Carla Bruni has impeccable taste. Each publication is an example of elegance and modesty. The wife of former President of France could afford to appear on the official meeting or social event in shoes without heels − ballet flats – and look just amazing. Carla never overload your image with unnecessary details and jewellery, thus emphasizing restraint in the choice of clothing.

Queen Rania (wife of king of Jordan)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

Queen of Jordan, wife of king Abdullah II – one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is an example of elegance! Rania is well able to combine traditional Arabic costume and clothing in the Western style. She never covers her face with a handkerchief, demonstrating the openness of the Muslim world for other countries. Each publication is a real event, because not many people nowadays can boast of such impeccable taste. By the way, in 2003, the magazine “Hello” was recognized by Queen Rania as the most elegant woman in the world.

Queen Letizia (the wife of the king of Spain)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

The wife of the Prince of Spain Felipe, version garnala “Vanity Fair,” one of the ten most stylish women in the world. Leticia prefer elegant style in clothes, most often the Queen of Spain, chooses sheath dresses. However, sometimes it breaks Royal Protocol and chooses the dresses length is much shorter than it should be. Also Leticia is famous for the fact that clothing does not shrink from massmarket: often it is possible to see the clothes budget brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Uterqu.

Sheikha Mozah (the second wife of the former Emir of Qatar)

Стильные жены мировых лидеров. Фото

Mozah bint Nasser al-must be put an end the second wife of the former Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Kalifa al-Thani and the only one who for many years accompanied the Emir on official events. Despite the rather strict rules of Islamic etiquette, Sheikha Mozah allows himself to violate one of the main taboos of the Islamic etiquette – she regularly appears at social events without hijab is a necessary clothing accessory for women of this country. In the clothes of the Sheikh prefers deep tissue tints: blue, green, Burgundy and other colors. The wife of one of the richest people in the world is famous for its unique ability to wear such a complicated accessory like a turban, which became the hallmark of her image.

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