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“Style parasiuk”: masterfully ridiculed the Ukrainian MP

"Стиль Парасюка": в сети мастерски высмеяли украинского нардепаUkrainians witty potrollit “mighty” parasiuk.

The famous “lawmaker” Vladimir Parasyuk completely derailed the entire industry of martial arts in Ukraine. It turns out one person can easily beat a few well-trained, armed men and it is absolutely not suffer. And for this Parasyuk is not necessary to have a technique of Bruce Lee, or power stroke, Masutatsu Oyama.

The secret of “invulnerability” parasiuk was in a small paper crust — the certificate of the people’s Deputy. At the checkpoint in Slavyansk, the servant of the people failed to demonstrate great skill, giving slaps the astonished cops with guns. The “mighty” Parasyuk do not forget to turn the parliamentary crust and shouting his trademark combative cry “I shcho Dali?”

But, despite the exercise of extraordinary wrestling art, another “exploit” the people’s Deputy of the Ukrainian community has adopted very ambiguous. Undefeated, but offended in the best feelings Parasyuk even said: “I have the feeling that I died, but I don’t know it yet”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In fact, the “great lawmaker” was lucky that he lives in Ukraine, it is highly nedorabotanno up to Western standards.

Lived would be Parasyuk in any Canada, feeling that after such meetings with the police, “he died”, it could be the fact criminal news of the day. We assume that Parasyuk is a kind of marker of national reforms. And his ingenious fighting style will give the process the desired acceleration.

“If he’s waving a crust, if the ham from an early age, And when he instead of “Hello” says he is MP, If he has police and guns, ringing, And without a fight he can’t stretch already and day. Any child can tell confirm any Malyuk, It’s the man from Happy — ingenious Parasyuk!”

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